Bermuda as a Captive Domicile for the Latin American Market

19 March, 2015

By Daniel Message

Since the idea of a captive insurer was first conceived in the 1960s, Bermuda has been a leading jurisdiction in providing innovative captive and alternative risk transfer solutions. Indeed, Bermuda was at the forefront in creating the original captive framework and it continues to lead the way in developing new structures to serve the needs of an ever-changing market.

There are currently over 800 pure captives domiciled in Bermuda. Some of the largest companies in the world, including the majority of Fortune 500 companies, have a presence in the domicile.

Over the past several years, Bermuda has seen a significant increase in interest from Latin American entities and ‘Multilatinas’. The reasons for this, together with conjectures concerning the future direction of the market, are explored in this paper.