Major Types of a Captive

Pure (Single-Parent)
A pure captive insures only the risks of its parent and its affiliates.

Includes industrial groups, professional groups, associations and risk retention groups.

Agency-owned captives enable an agent(s) to share in the profit generated by their own business. The agent(s) control which business is placed in the captive, thereby enhancing the opportunity to generate significant profits.

Protected Cell
Provides a non-owned captive facility for those who choose not to form their own captive.

Special Purpose
This type of captive offers those who do not fit any of the foregoing captives’ definitions with the opportunity to benefit from a captive structure. Not all domiciles permit this form of captive.

Unique to Delaware and similar to a Protected Cell.

Captive Organizational Form

  • Stock
  • Mutual
  • Reciprocal
  • Non-Profit
  • LLC