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exit solutions

R&Q Insurance Investment Division is an acquirer of legacy captives, reinsurance debt and portfolios of self-insured business lines.

Typically, the drivers for the sale of a portfolio of liabilities or Captive insurers may be:

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Re-evaluation of the self-insurance program
  • A Captive insurer in run-off with few or no current claims remaining
  • Changing insurance legislation
  • Costs associated with captive insurer oversight

R&Q is perfectly positioned to meet the objectives of the vendor via its flexibility to approach each transaction on a bespoke basis whilst utilizing simple but effective methods.


Options include:

  • Purchase of the Captive
  • Full risk transfer for complete exit
  • Structured transfer with a stop loss provided by the seller
  • Loss portfolio transfer

Importantly, R&Q will maintain any collateral provisions required by Fronting Carriers


R&Q has a unique structure that allows it to consider a wide range of transactions:

  • We can be flexible and responsive to both small and large transactions
  • Captives with minimal remaining obligations


  • Release of tied up capital
  • Protection from deterioration of existing or reporting of new claims
  • Elimination of costs for management oversight and reporting