• Hamilton Harbour

program design

R&Q Quest Bermuda has significant experience and expertise in the formation of captives. We design programs that provide for the most cost effective coverage for your insurance needs, taking into account the capital available and your appetite for risk. We are able to assist in financing capital if required.

We provide independent and unbiased advice on the potential program and coordinate the consultants needed to perform the analysis and make the application submission to the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

This includes:

  • Feasibility Analysis
    We bring together a team of professional consultants, including actuaries and lawyers, to provide an analysis on the feasibility of the proposed underwriting and advise on the structure, financing and regulatory requirements.

  • Coordination of Service Providers
    We coordinate the service providers' work to complete the application for submission to the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

  • Submission to the Bermuda Monetary Authority
    We are available to the Authority to guide the application through the process to ultimate approval.

  • Implementation
    We coordinate the activities required to get the approved captive up and running, from initial meetings to drafting bye-laws, policy wordings, opening bank accounts and appointing on-going service providers and directors and officers.